Chuk League History

  • Winner:?
  • Loser:?
  • Draft:Stand alone event. Maybe we bring back the boat draft?
  • Winner:Jason
  • Loser:Ben
  • Results:
    • Jason - none
    • Erik - ?
    • Nate - ?
    • Jones - ?
    • Ben - ?
  • Draft:Standard Fantrax draft while Canterburying.
  • After Party:Ideas are ProKart Racing in Burnsville or Spirit Mountain in Duluth, skiing in the rain. Whatever it is, it'll come off without a hitch!
  • Fun Facts:Jones swapped out Amari Cooper his 43 points for Aaron Jones (0 TDs to speak of) 5 minutes before games started. Championship game squandered whoopsies!
  • Winner:Erik
  • Loser:Tray
  • Results:
    • Erik - none
    • Bots - Comedy Show (but not really)
    • Jones - Canterbury
    • Nate - Dinner
    • Tray - Drivin'
  • Draft:Drafted around the 2021 dinner after party. It was highlighted by the glory of 3 dots, general tab, reconnect flow in fantrax! This draft at Malcom Yards over dinner!
  • After Party:Game Plan 1pm post time at Canterbury 4pm - Meal and Draft at Malcom Yards 7pm at Comedy Show at House of Comedy MOA 1pm post time at Canterbury. Crash and burn at MOA! No comedy show to speak of!
  • Oysters:Total Bullschmidt: Jones team name idea
  • Winner:Nate
  • Loser:Erik
  • Draft:No draft, weekly pick format. We replaced that fun with Nate having to dog Fantrax relentlessly to get our league set up so our rosters would save.
  • After Party:The Chuk dudes biked their tails off in Cuyuna State park near Crosby MN. Jones started out strong but faded late. We'll call it a Mike Tice ride.
  • Oysters:Added a Canadian Mulligan which Jones used to unlock locked picks because of Fantrax being the worst. Jason won some crap from for his masterful lineup of scrubs in a week 18 bonus play all week (worst lineup wins, 0 points = 20 point penalty)
  • Winner:Erik
  • Loser:Jones
  • Draft:Fantrax draft while golfing! All teams names came up Jones!
  • After Party:Botnen Cabin
  • Oysters:Frozen and Fried The Canucks tried to smoke us out. Soaks were discussed! 5x the meals. Rules are rules. The 'Yo-Yo'. Botnen looked for the 'yo-yo' and got it playing poker. A year's supply of sugar was consumed in the form of SPKs.
  • Winner:Jones
  • Loser:Nate
  • Draft:Tupelo Honey
  • After Party:Covid Golf at the former Country Club
  • Oysters:Curiosity wins. Fuck blue points
  • Winner:Tray
  • Loser:Jones
  • Draft:Tupelo Honey
  • After Party:Twins game and Top Golf
  • Oysters:Curiosity wins. Fuck blue points 5 man era begins.
  • Winner:Tray
  • Loser:Ben
  • Draft:Tupelo Honey
  • After Party:Superior Fishing
  • Oysters:Curiosity wins. Fuck blue points (same as 2018... interesting)
  • Fun Facts:Enough BBQ for a young girl or 3 men. Frigid July weather
  • Winner:Erik
  • Loser:Nate
  • Draft:Tupelo Honey?
  • After Party:Lutsen + New Scenic Cafe + Bowling
  • Oysters:Curiosity wins. Fuck blue points (again... and I still don't know what it means!)
  • Fun Facts:That sounds lucrative.
  • Winner:Ben
  • Loser:Nate
  • Draft:Nate's House?
  • After Party:Duluth Blackwoods
  • Oysters:Botnen Purchased
  • Fun Facts:That sounds lucrative.
  • Winner:Nate
  • Loser:Erik
  • Draft:Masu Sushi and Robata
  • After Party:Oyster shooters
  • Oysters:Was this the .01 point scoring year?
  • Winner:Nate
  • Loser:Ben
  • Draft:Google Sheets
  • After Party:Lowry and some where else where Josh Hartnett hangs out.
  • Oysters:Curiosity wins. Too good for blue points (Is this where I started copy/pastings?)
  • Fun Facts:Hey, we had to start somewhere!