Chuk League Rules

  • Position List: QB, QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex, D, K
  • Head to Head each week.
  • The 6th Player is Anchor. Anchor’s score is the average of the other teams (excluding Anchor’s opponent) scores for that week.
  • Pretty standard stuff this year.
  • A roster must always have active players. No byes, no well known injuries. 2 points will be lost for every malfeasance in the 1st round of the playoffs.
Week 1 - Group Play - Week 15
  • 1st Place + 40
  • 2nd Place + 30
  • 3rd Place + 20
  • 4rd Place + 10
  • 5th Place + Absolutely Nothin’

The loser of this week is officially DEAD LAST and will be putting their name on the Loser’s helmet.

There has been much discussion about PENALTIES. As of the writing of this, there are currently no penalties on this page. If we want to implement penalties, they should be clearly documented and applied fairly to Jason's team. If this occurs, it is expected that Jason's team will lose in the first round, despite having a superior team, and will have to drop their roster to the waiver wire. The other team members should then be able to add Jason's players, and Nate should take steps to prevent a similar situation from occurring in the future, as undoing those roster changes.

Week 2 - Semi-Finals - Week 16

The seading mentioned below is all based on the regular season standings.

  • 1 Seed + 20 points versus 4 Seed
  • 2 Seed + 10 points versus 3 Seed
Week 3 - Finals - Week 17
  • Below seeding is based on regular season with the Playoff Week 1 loser eliminated.
    • 1st Seed + 10 bonus points in Championship or 3rd place game versus any opponent
    • 2nd Seed + 10 bonus points in Championship or 3rd place game versus 3rd and 4th seeds.
Week 4 - After Finals - Week 18
  • Lowest Score Wins
  • To be a valid pick the player must not score 0 fantasy points.
  • Fine print:
    • QB scores a 0: +25 in “bonus” points added to score.
    • Non-QB skill player or kicker scores a 0: +10 in “bonus” points added to score.
    • Defense is not bonus elidgible, assuming the team plays that week. But what the hell, if you start the defense of a team that isn't playing that week because of a disaster or some other reason you get +25. Don't even try it Botnen.
  • $5 per loser. There will be a prize. It will be comedic (certainly) and treasured (maybe).
    • Past Results
    • 2022: Ben won a Super Hero Middle Man shirt.
    • 2021: Jason won an “If I Die, I Die” Kirk shirt.
The Gathering
  • In the early days of Chuk league this was a night on the town.
  • The Champ can take suggestions but has ultimate say on where and what we do.
  • The advent of Mr. B moving to Duluth (and other circumstances) triggered an evolution where the preferring outing is more like a weekend or fun events.
  • The most recent installment of a Guys Weekend (aka Tues/Wed) at a cabin was very successful and should be considered again.
  • Plan for Mother Earth conspiring with Patrick Chukwurrah to screw with the Chuk Dudes during The Gathering.
Prizes and Punishments
  • If there is a choice to be made The Champ has first choice and then order procedes based on the final playoff standings.
  • Standard Punishments: Driving, Paying for Champ’s event costs, Paying Fantrax costs, Buying things.
  • The Champ will sign the Champions Vikings Helmet and protect that and the Patrick Chukwurah card until the next season.
  • The Big Loser will sign the Losers Wyoming Helmet and protect ituntil the next season.
No Draft Multi-task
  • In recent years we've drafted while doing other things and during the after party. The boat years were the hay day of the draft. It's own day. Challenges for order. Aside from questionable slaw on pulled pork sandwiches decisions things were great.
Schedule the After Party
  • When you win you are the clock to schedule the after party you have lets say 2 months to get something on the books or it falls to the 2nd place person and on down the line. After 1st I'd say you only get a month. Yes I'm aware that I'm the worst offender of this crime.
Hybrid Draft
  • $100 Auction, 3 players. Then into standard draft. This one probably dies with the mechanism.
Throwback Spreadsheet Draft
  • Spreadsheet draft.